Aramid Pulp, Star Product at Nanchang 23rd International Friction&Sealing material Exhibitio

VICWA® Aramid pulp with unique chemical property produced by AFCHINA, combined with its smoothness and friction reduction, can significantly reduce noise, vibration, and harshness of braking, improve driving comfort and safety, prolong the service life of the product.

Afchina Aramid Pulp Under Electronic Microscope

In brake and friction products, we insist on “pursuing excellence”. With the development of technology, brake specifications have become smaller and smaller, but technical standards have become increasingly strict, and reliable performance has always been fundamental. Therefore, it is very important to choose suitable materials for the brake pads and linings of the brake.

For all walks of life, sealing products are a key factor affecting safety and efficiency. AFCHINA Aramid’s VICWA® pulp provides seal manufacturers with effective solutions that can improve durability and sustainability, helping them to improve the performance of products in multiple applications and markets.

Aramid Pulp, Aramid Filaments, Aramid Packing, Aramid Short-cut Fibers

AFCHINA VICWA ® pulp has a unique fiber structure that enables the product to achieve better bonding with other raw materials, bringing aramid’s superior strength and flexibility to industrial gaskets, cylinder heads, exhaust systems and transmission systems. From the automobile market to the power plant, from the oil and gas industry to the chemical industry, help customers achieve better performance!


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Afchina aramid provide reliable materials in various applications around the global markets from automotive to civil engineering, ballistic protection and beyond


Our products are widely used in environmental protection, safety and military fields