Afchina Initiated The Establishment of Fanglei for Aramid Honeycomb Production

In the aviation and rail transportation field, the application market for honeycomb core material and plates extremely expand. Based on the development orientation of “Chinese paper, Chinese core, establish the worldwide brand for core paper and honeycomb board in China”, Afchina initiated the establishment of Shandong Fanglei Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

Taking composite materials, honeycomb composite materials production, and related raw materials development as its own responsibility, it is going to build a modern production base for composite parts that meet the requirements of international aerospace and rail transit with an annual output of 5,000 m³of aramid honeycomb and 20,000㎡of high-speed rail aircraft interiors. Fanglei is expected to pass the suppliers certification from COMAC or Airbus within 3-5 years and developed into a foreign benchmarking enterprise and a world-class supplier of aramid honeycomb composite materials.

Para-aramid Honeycomb

At present, the project has been approved by the administration department and is in the equipment installation stage. After the initial process of production, Fanglei will provide high-quality aramid honeycomb material solutions for aircraft, high-speed rail interiors, drone industry, large aircraft, rockets, missiles, space stations, ground shelters, surface ships, and yachts in domestic and overseas.


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