Future-proof solutions for a forward-moving industry

More people, more cars, more kilometers traveled. To keep up with the speed of change, the global tire industry needs better, more sustainable solutions. Right now. Equally, electric vehicles, driverless cars and other innovative technologies all demand fresh thinking and adaptability. It starts with having the right materials. Specifically, today’s tire manufacturers require future-proof materials that provide strength, durability and flexibility, and that deliver exceptional solutions to customers.

With VICWA®, SINOARA Aramid has been driving progress in tire manufacturing – year after year. The unique strength and heat-resistant properties of our high-performance aramid enable a lighter, stronger, more sustainable end product: tires that are more durable, more fuel efficient, less polluting; tires that can cope with high speeds; tires that offer the crucial shape uniformity required for innovative vehicle designs. The future is already here – seize its opportunities with VICWA®.


☑Unrivaled temperature resistance and durability

☑Accelerates production processes

☑Less energy, fewer emissions

☑Safer, more sustainable


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