Facing danger head on

Around the world, day after day, soldiers and police officers face life-threatening ballistic hazards in the line of duty. Bullets, shrapnel, grenade fragments, blast effects and mechanical impacts – risks are everywhere, lives are on the line. When it comes to protective headgear, these professionals deserve the very best – no ifs, no buts, no maybes. Today’s military and police helmets must offer superior ballistic protection, while allowing the speed and agility demanded by modern combat situations.

Tough situations call for tough materials. With VICWA® and MICEX®, SINOARA is helping to deliver helmets that save lives and prevent injuries. Besides their outstanding strength and energy absorption characteristics, our high-performance materials and solutions are significantly lighter than conventional ones. It means enhanced comfort, agility and performance for the wearer. And it means maximum protection at all times. On that, we’ll never compromise.


☑Lightweight, high strength

☑Unrivaled energy-absorption-to-weight ratio

☑Outstanding long-term stability

☑Customized advice – for ultimate performance


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