Which are the best 5 PARA aramid fiber (Kevlar) manufacturers in the world?

In the high-performance fiber industry PARA aramid fiber is one of the most tough and affordable fiber in the world. It was invented by DuPont, DuPont named it Kevlar. DuPont is a great marketing player. Until now there are many brands PARA aramid fiber in the world, like Twaron, Heracron, VICWA, etc. but many people still call PARA aramid fiber as Kevlar Fiber, actually Kevlar just one brand for PARA-aramid fiber.

As it stated before, there are dozens of manufacturers in the world. Among these players who is the best 5 PARA aramid fiber in the world now? Based on the products capacity, history, products consistency, etc.

The companies listed below are the best 5 PARA aramid fiber manufacturers.

In 1966, DUPONT invented PARA aramid fiber, in 1972 DUPONT’s PARA aramid fiber starts mass production. currently DUPONT’s PARA aramid fiber (Kevlar) annual products capacity is around 30,000 tons. Recent years DUPONT’s PARA aramid fiber’s products capacity is decreasing.

In 2002, Japan TEIJIN group acquired AkzoNobel’s PARA aramid fiber factory, and keep promote their product capacity. Currently TEIJIN’s PARA aramid fiber’s product capacity already surpassed DUPONT. The annual capacity is around 33,000 tons now.

South Korea’s Kolon Industries has been developing PARA-aramid fiber since 1979 and realized industrialization in 2005. Its product is called HERACRON . The annual product capacity is around 9,000 tons.

China Yantai Tayho is the largest PARA-aramid fiber manufacturer in China. The annual product capacity is around 100,000tons.

SINOARA(AFChina) is dedicated to manufacture high quality aramid fibers from 2011. The VICWA is already a well know brand in East Europe. The annual product capacity is around 5,000tons.

Beside these 5 manufacturers, other players are either new factories or only have small product capacity.

In summary, currently ‘Kevlar’ ‘Towaron’ ‘HERACRON’ ‘VICWA’ and ‘TAYHO’ are the best 5 PARA-aramid fiber manufacturers in the world.


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