Industrial status for high performance fiber in China & oversea

I. Production status of foreign high performance fibers

Developed countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, and Japan have implemented re-industrialization strategies, increased research and development of high-tech fibers and high-functional fibers, carried out large-scale industry restructuring, and paid more attention to cooperation with downstream terminal needs. In order to continue to maintain a competitive advantage, Table 1-3 lists the production capacity of high-performance fibers of major foreign companies.

Table 1-3 Capacity of high-performance fibers of major foreign companies in 2020
Note: Data are from China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and industry experts
II. The industrial status of China high performance fibers

As a "pyramid" in the field of fiber materials, China high performance fiber industry started relatively late, and its technical level and large-scale production capacity are far behind those of developed countries. According to the layout of the Three Five Year Plan and the strong support of the state, high-performance fibers have achieved remarkable results in large-scale production, key technological breakthroughs, product applications, etc., high-performance fibers have achieved important breakthroughs, and some technologies have won national science and technology awards The first prize of "Textile Light" scientific and technological progress, such as thousand-ton T300/T700/T800 carbon fiber, jelly-spun and dry-spun ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, high-modulus aramid fiber, polyimide fiber, polytetrafluoroethylene Vinyl fiber, etc. In general, some technologies of my country's high-performance fiber industry have reached the international advanced level, and it has become one of the countries with the widest coverage of high-performance fiber production and the largest production capacity in the world. Some data are shown in Table 1-4.

Table 1-4 The production capacity of my country's main high-performance fibers in 2020
Note: Some data come from China Chemical Industry Association

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